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We are an innovative company with 15 years of experience

We develope an advanced engineering service departments with certification in automation, and work on international standards and classification houses, which shows the excellent quality of our services, and the executive and operational capacity that make us an active company that guarantees a world class effective service.

Quality control system
Highly professional staff
100% satisfaction guarantee
Accurate testing processes
Customized solutions
Unrivaled, professional and skilled labor

The best in the field of professional naval services in the country We offer professional services focused on optimizing and giving results

  • Advice and Consultancy

    Advice and

    We have the most qualified professionals in the maritime engineering sector with professional experience and extensive knowledge as consultants and designers.

  • Technological innovation Design and biotechnology

    Technological innovation Design and biotechnology

    We consider each of our projects as unique, trying to incorporate the most innovative concepts, identifying each one of the clients' requirements, to fully satisfy their needs.

  • Biosecurity division


    Our products have the endorsement and certifications of the FDA and ISO 9001-2015..to provide our clients quality guarantees.

  • Repair and maintenance

    Repair and

    We analyze and identify areas with specific needs to provide an effective solution.

  • Sale of spare parts and supplies contact

    Sale of spare parts and supplies contact

    We have the sale of original spare parts from the best brands, importing and atending special requirements.


    We handle IMPA code

    • Special requirements.

    • We carry out imports

    We provide an elite service to our clients, in the development of high-level specialized engineering projects

    Professional team

    Professional team

    Certified Engineers

    Certified Engineers

    Security and Reliability

    Security and Reliability

    Emergencies 24/7

    Emergencies 24/7



    We are supported by ShipServ, an online trading platform for the maritime and offshore field, based in London, United Kingdom, which operates worldwide.

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    We understand the importance of the activities of the sector in a comprehensive way and we believe in the power of simple and easy communication.

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    Antonio Navarro #1110 La Paz, Baja California Sur, México.


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    Antonio Navarro 1110 (1.13 km) 23040 La Paz, Baja California Sur, México

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