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We are an innovative company with 15 years of experience

Múnich Mariner

We are a company that enjoys high prestige due to the quality of its products, the conduct and preparation of selected and highly trained personnel, and the continuous identification of our company with the pace and goals of progress in the world.

We develop advanced engineering service departments with automation certification, and always working on international standards and classification houses, which shows the excellent quality of our services, the executive and operational capacity that make us an active company that guarantees a world class effective service.

Munich Mariner is an innovative company with 15 years of experience in the field of professional naval services in the country, choosing the best in its field to provide you with the safety, efficacy and efficiency that only a professional service can provide.

Our Mission and Vision

To provide an elite service to our clients, in the development of high-level specialized engineering projects, carried out with expert personnel, certified and on international regulations, thus being a synonym of quality for our clients. In services and products, we improve delivery times, exceeding the general standards in an avant-garde and reliable way.
To be national and international leaders in the design of naval projects, maintenance services and technological development, with highly qualified personnel, making it one of the best companies to work in the naval industry, with a strategic logistical and financial expansion, that improves the customer experience.

Our values

Values are the pillars of our company, therefore we strive to keep them in continuous development. Therefore, it is important for us to maintain, promote and publicize them day by day. Legality


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We understand the importance of the activities of the sector in a comprehensive way and we believe in the power of simple and easy communication.


Múnich Mariner


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